1.Get up...2.Survive...3.Go back to sleep

I love life...family,friends,soccer, and music. What more does a person need?



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Hahaha. Finally, the truth :P 


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leaveyamarc said: Any advice to the guys struggling to find happiness being single?


Dude you gotta get the whole “FIND happiness being single” mentality outta your mind. If you think you need someone to make you happy then you’re already fuckin up. People think they need to find love to be COMPLETE, but that’s when they get into these relationships just cuz they’re insecure and lonely, so now you got this lame dependent situation, where this other person isn’t actually the one you fit with, but just a crutch to make you feel loved. Life is sooo amazing, the world is beautiful with a shitload of shit you haven’t seen or experienced. Live it! Go do shit! Learn! Then, when you find who you are, and a complete independent person, find someone who has done the same. This way, you’re not just two broken pieces that cling to each other out of loneliness, but two whole beautiful beings who genuinely make each other happy.

Damn that was a lot! Sorry, Chia’s asleep and I’m drinking champagne. Lol


A bridge too far